Dolce Whitwell

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  1. Your story is very inspirational and including detailed descriptions. Your story is really good! Good Job!!


  2. I think your message is so strong and important for other children in younger grades to participate in class and speak out!


  3. I’m glad there was someone there for you at such a young age to help you become the person you are today. It’s amazing that a teacher can take one’s insecurity and help someone develop self-confidence.


  4. I think your story is a great example of how a teacher can help change your life, and inspire you to push through your barriers, and take risks to become the best you.


  5. I love how you shared a personal message that can inspire people and help them to learn the importance of being confident.


  6. I think it was very brave of you to make the choice that you did and I definitely agree that we can choose how to handle our challenges.


  7. This was a very personal story that you shared, but it’s amazing that you’ve learned to be yourself and challenge yourself, because it shouldn’t change what anyone thinks about you.


  8. I love the story. It was heartfelt and meaningful. I love how you overcame your problems and stopped caring about your speech.


  9. Growing up with any speech issue such as that, it can’t possibly be easy and forces you to work a little harder than other kids. You putting in work instead of shying away from it is something that not many people can do.


  10. The story is very personal and emotional. The reflection on the past and change in perspective is inspiring and impressive.


  11. Your story is very inspiring. I love how you never gave up. Thank you for sharing your amazing story.


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