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  1. I like the song you chose for your podcast. I agree that time outside is beneficial for students. Therefore, I think we should still have recess.


  2. I like how your story has less to do with goal-setting or determination and more about the importance of having fun in your life. It’s important to realize.


  3. The music at the beginning got me extremely hyped! I especially resonate with your portrayal of the importance of exercise since over the summer, I started to become more aware of my overall health and take the initiative to produce the best version of myself possible. Thanks for sharing your ongoing love for exercise!


  4. I really liked how you explained how you enjoyed exercising both when you were young and now that you are older. I too found that sports helped me to meet a lot of new people when I moved to Garnet Valley.


  5. I also believe in the importance of exercise and its impact on daily life regarding friendships and living a healthy lifestyle.


  6. Your podcast was interesting because we were all kids once and played outside. I agree that exercise is very important in our lives.


  7. Very nice podcast! I agree that exercise is very important, not only for its health benefits but also for its social and mental benefits as well. Definitely looking forward to next week’s episode.


  8. Great Podcast! I also think that exercise is very important. I think it’s good that you try to exercise everyday. I also agree that getting involved in sports/activities is a great way to get to know people.


  9. Your reflections about exercise are not only interesting, but your comments on how it served as the only constant when you moved to Garnet Valley were incredibly insightful.


  10. I agree exercise is such a valuable experience. It brings a lot of people together and allows us to become involved in so many more communities. School sports especially bring in a sense of team spirit, from the camaraderie of the athletes to the people cheering from the bleachers.


  11. Before this podcast, I did not think exercise could be good for anything, however, clearly I was wrong.


  12. Definitely do agree with the themes of your podcast, and that getting involved in something is definitely a good way to find your place. Also loved the music choice.


  13. It was really cool to hear about how exercise has been beneficial throughout your life, and how it will be beneficial in the future as well, including in transitioning from high school to college.


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