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  1. You’re so brave for sharing this personal story, I’m glad everyone ended up being safe in the long run. It must have been a very traumatic experience.


  2. I really felt the anxiety of this car crash through your story. Honestly this was terrifying, a big fear of mine.


  3. Thanks for telling such a personal story. I know this must not have been easy for your but it was really nice to hear you share something like that.


  4. Your story was inspiring and I’m really glad your okay. You told your story well and I really agree with your I Believe statement.


  5. I am so sorry about what happened to you during your last year of middle school. It was heartbreaking to hear about the accident


  6. I have never personally been in a car accident, but your story sounded incredibly scary. I’m sorry you had to learn about the importance of second chances in such a scarring way.


  7. This is a tragic story and one that not only opens my eyes to the idea of second chances, but also to the dangers of drunk driving.


  8. I think your story is a very inspiring example of how a near death experience can give you new insight on second chances.


  9. Your story made me really emotional. It takes a lot of courage to share such a personal story, so thank you!


  10. What a crazy story. I remember hearing about it in eighth grade and hearing the full story, its incredible. I am glad everything turned out okay eventually though.


  11. Your story is amazing. I remember hearing about it in 8th grade, but I did not know you then. I’m glad that you are ok and can share this today!


  12. I am glad everyone is safe now, but thank you for sharing such a personal story. It was very emotional and heartbreaking to hear your story, but you did such an amazing job.


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