Edward King


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  1. What I got from the story is the idea that one should be the master of their own fate, and that one should not take the things and opportunities they have for granted.


  2. I loved your story a lot, I thought the overall message and organizational structure of the piece was very well done. I loved the message and the word choice of the story as well.


  3. When my mom was small, it was hard to get a full meal because her family was poor. Her grandfather used to be a landlord but his land was taken away, thus became very poor. I remember she told that if there was any meat on the table, her parents always let her and her sisters eat first.


  4. I love this story and how much I learned about you. I appreciate that you struggled in math because so did I and so did Noelle (until she got super proficient). Anyways I also believe in the importance of education, it can change your entire life.


  5. I did not realize that you came from this background, but it is everyone’s struggles in life who make them the strongest. I am glad that you and your family have learned to persevere through hardships and learn from them; this is a very important lesson to learn.


  6. I thought it was interesting how you knew your grandfather enough to know what he came from and how his hard work made you and your dad learn about how you have to make something of yourself and not wait around for someone else to do it for you.


  7. I thought this story was super important, especially in today’s society. It’s definitely important to remember the advantages we have today and how our families have fought to get us to where we are. I definitely value education as well.


  8. Eddie’s story highlights the way in which education, no matter what degree a person has, is extremely critical to that individual’s progress and development in life and for many people is the purpose and foundation of their futures. Similar to Eddie, I also think often about the high level of education I wish to continue receiving once I am in college and the influence my education over the course of my schooling has had and will continue to have on my life.


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