Victoria Malloy

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  1. Your story was very emotional and it is evident how personal it is to you. You are strong for sharing.


  2. Your story was very personal and I’m sorry your favorite artist died. You’re so strong!! Good job at explaining your story through so much detail!


  3. I think it is so important to talk about mental health; I think your story has a very powerful message. I love that you were so connected to him even though you did not know him.


  4. I like the details you used and how you explained how you feel. I also liked how you made it about your experience and opinions on someone everyone knows. I think your message was very inspiring.


  5. It’s so sad that such a young and inspirational artist passed at a point in his life where he could have achieved so much more.


  6. I think it is tragic to see a talented artist taken before their time, and sad to see how it impacts people that they had such a positive influence on.


  7. This was a very nice story. I feel a very similar way towards an artist myself and I was very glad to hear that music can have such a profound impact on others as well as myself.


  8. Thank you for sharing something that was so difficult for you to come to terms with. I thought you did a great job making all of us understand how you felt.


  9. I loved how you were able to turn something that some may seem as insignificant to you and then show how much it impacted you and your life and what it has taught you.


  10. I’ve been listening to Mac Miller since I was in 6th grade. I was at work when I found out he died and I really was so sad. It’s hard to see people lose their battles with addictions, no matter if they’re famous or not.


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