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  1. I loved the music! I remember learning about these subjects as well. It’s interesting how you were able to connect all of these memories together.


  2. I really like the music choice. It was very calming and a good intro to your story. Furthermore, I admire how you took a different approach to this podcast than everyone else.


  3. I enjoyed your grand viewpoint of the aspect of change. Your description of both American History and influential world leaders was quite interesting. Also, I admire your acknowledgement of the Mars rovers and technological advancements in general.


  4. I thought your podcast was really interesting! I too did not realize how long the Mars rovers have actually been on Mars. I also agree that there are many changes that need to be made.


  5. I like how your “I believe” statement was more about the world around you instead of about your personal goals or plans.


  6. Amazing podcast! I also agree that people have a great ability to change the world around them. I agree that humans can fix the problems that we have created to make the world a better place for all of us.


  7. I enjoyed your podcast because of the interesting view you showed on humans and life. It was inspiring to try to to change the world and make a difference.


  8. I definitely agree with the themes of this podcast, and that people are constantly change the world and anyone can change the world.


  9. You have taken what you have learned in school and learned about much more than the subjects themselves. Your ability to glean more lessons from simple school topics is truly remarkable.


  10. I liked that your podcast had a positive outlook. When we hear about so many of the problems surrounding us, it can sometimes feel pointless to do anything. However, it’s good to be reminded of the potential we have to create change that is better rather than worse.


  11. I enjoyed listening to your podcast and I also agree with your points of changing the world for the better.


  12. I found your podcast insightful! I liked your perspective on the power that humans have and how you connected it to making the world a better place.


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