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  1. This was absolutely hysterical. Loved the music, the sound effects, and the overall theme of the story. While I disagree that Shrek 2 does not have an immense influence throughout the world, the podcast was good.


  2. I thought your podcast was insightful. Although I am a fan of the Shrek movies, I have never thought of them as being quite so impactful. You have opened my eyes to the potential benefits of Shrek 2 and its influence.


  3. I like how your story connected something that is seemingly insignificant and not emotionally deep in any sense and showed how it could bring people together.


  4. This story on how Shrek 2 changed your life was very interesting! Overall, your podcast was very entertaining which kept everyone listening.


  5. I really enjoyed the incorporation of onomatopoeia into your podcast, particularly the evident “Kachow!” at the introduction. Overall, you expressed your interest in Shrek 2 in such an eloquent way, and I admire your recording skills.


  6. I really enjoyed your deep analysis of Shrek 2 and how it has affected your life. I’ll have to watch the movie again some time. Subscribed! Looking forward to the next installment of the Liam Berry Podcast.


  7. This podcast was very good, I liked how Liam used his experiences in a funny way to describe what his childhood was like.


  8. I thought it was interesting how big of an impact Shrek 2 had on your life because I haven’t seen that movie more than one or two times. I wonder if you are right that Shrek 2 can bring world peace.


  9. While I understand the importance of Shrek II and its impact on your ability to play chess, I believe Shrek I is superior. That is all.


  10. This is a very interesting take on a timeless classic. When many people know shrek 2 simply as “the best movie in the world,” this podcast brings a new view on the movie. It is interesting how a movie enriched your life so much, bringing you closer to your friends and and family, and even leading to you learning how to play chess. Looking forward to the next podcast!


  11. Truly an in depth view of Liam’s childhood. It invoked deep memories of my own, and shows how media can truly bring friends and family together.


  12. I do have to agree, that Shrek 2 has definitely touched us all in our own ways. When I first watched Shrek two, I was ENTRANCED by it, and it definitely has had an impact on society. In my opinion, though, the first Shrek was better (I even had that one Shrek game with the joystick that you plug into the tv, definitely a good investment).


  13. This was a really funny podcast. Music A+, hilarity A+, content A+. Although I didn’t really enjoy Shrek when I first watched it, maybe I will rewatch it.


  14. The podcast was very entertaining and I found it interesting how something like Shrek 2 can be such an integral part of your childhood.


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