Noelle Di Clemente

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  1. Noelle’s story highlights the way in which no one is perfect and everyone struggles with something, whether it is a subject at school, making new friends, or maintaining a happy, balanced life. The realm of stress and competition puts people down all of the time, as there are always individuals working harder and pushing themselves more than others. However, it is through persistence and dedication that a person can push through his/her challenges, succeed, and make an impactful difference in the world.


  2. I definitely understand and relate to this story. Math was always my worst enemy in school, but throughout high school, I was able to be more determined to learn it and do better. Math gave me a lot of anxiety and I completely understand how you felt!


  3. The way you talked about a simple game then go onto how math was difficult for you and how you refused to be put down. I also liked how you were able to look at this as a positive experience and are able to go to mathnasium as a tutor.


  4. Really liked the part about how you went back to the place you were getting help with math and returned as a tutor. Nice work!


  5. this is inspiring because it shows that your opinion on something can change completely based off of your personal level of success


  6. Very applicable story! It’s always nice to see one’s hard work finally beat out those who are naturally talented, classic underdog story.


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